De More Aza Network
The Company
De MOREAZA NETWORK is a network that has over the years been built on Integrity, Empathy, Innovation, Value Creation, Mutual Respect and Cooperation. We want to be your one-stop-shop when you need urgent cash, extra income or any other financial services. We are licensed by over 11 financial institutions across the globe including France, the United Kingdom, Peru, South Africa, Nigeria etc and have over 8 years’ experience in providing cutting edge digital solutions. Our mission is to empower our investors to be financially smart and able to live their dream lives. Come with us on this journey, and enjoy easy solutions to your basic financial needs.
The Leadership
Our LEADERSHIP team packs individuals with years of experience stemmed from exceptional knowledge and insight of consumer patterns, technology and the financial industry in United Kingdoms, Ghana, Nigeria and beyond. They provide the environment that allows all stakeholders enjoy unbeatable value driven services.
The Team
Our TEAM is creative and driven to provide innovative solutions to customers’ needs. For our clients, investors and community, our goal is being exceptional by all standards and we encourage and motivate our people to develop their potentials and be the best at what they do. We recognize that our journey to becoming the World's biggest and best financial institution can only be achieved with the right team, therefore we continually improve our people management processes to ensure we attract and retain the best talent.
The Mission and Vision
Our VISION is to remain the leading technologically innovative retail financial institution in the whole world.
Our MISSION is to create a work place that provides equal opportunities for employees, convenient environment for clients, rewarding investments to our shareholders and value to our community.
Our Belief
At De MOREAZA NETWORK, we strongly believe in integrity, empathy, respect, innovation and creating value in everything we do. We have a team of like-minded, creative and friendly people who are experts in their fields working together productively to create value to all our stakeholders with the single goal of being exceptional by all standards.
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